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    Welcome to GCS Co., Ltd !!

    GCS Co., Ltd. is manufacturer of medical device for face&body.

    More we live, beauty comes extremely important in our lives.

    We have ART LIFT, GANA FILL, Gana CH, etc. (face lifting thread, face & body filler,
    face & body shaper filler, etc)

    we certify our own brand and we certify our client’s even.

    GCS Co., Ltd. is serving one-stop service for licensing medical devices, cosmetics and
    beauty-related products that requires in the overseas marketing.
    We select the best products manufactured in Korea to perform
    a KFDA, CE, FDA certification, and conduct business that exports to many countries.

    GCS Co., Ltd. was firstly found starting certification consulting business.
    We have been consulting with our customers to certifym the best items,
    and we have been investing factories for promoting the best products for our customers.

    GCS Co., Ltd. has been searching items that has been localizing in its countries,
    moreover, the service have been the best solution for customers that makes our daily life better.

    Likewise, we have been networking with our certified products to
    worldwide clinics that can be gift for the patients.

    We do our best to promote our products in congress
    and exhibitions,

    and make bigger network for our customers. We will continually make our customers for
    the best solution, and promote products globally.

    Based on the experience and confidence, we supply a variety of information quickly to our
    subsidiaries. In the market, we also provide a variety of services to sell competitive
    products to our customers. According to each company’s situation, we served over the
    variety sectors by leading experts.

    GCS Co., Ltd offers the right direction of the company through innovative management that
    continues to maintain the partnership, and we will be a company growing together with
    our customers.